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Lambda Performance

Volkswagen Performance Engine Software - Petrol

Volkswagen Performance Engine Software - Petrol

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Transmission Tuning

Volkswagen produce some of the most tunable engines available on the market today. Stock performance, whilst adequate, usually leaves quite a lot on the table - especially on turbocharged engines.

Use the product selector above to build your tune and we'll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm and book your appointment in the diary.

Note: Depending on the level of tune on the engine, it may be mandatory to select DSG software. If you already have DSG software or your vehicle is manual, you will need to select that option otherwise you'll be forced to select a DSG tuning option).


As a rule of thumb, European tuning is done in "stages". Not everybody agrees with the whole stage thing, but it's usually because they don't understand it. In the Euro scene, the following guidelines to stages broadly apply..

Stage 1 - stock hardware. No modifications required. Intakes and intercoolers are fine but are not essential.

Stage 2 - at the very least, a sports cat or decat exhaust. Intakes and intercoolers recommended, but not essential. Stage 2 usually runs more boost (on turbocharged engines) and fuelling is leaned out slightly for power as we don't need to run as rich to keep factory catalytic converters cool.

Stage 2+ - same as above but with the addition of an upgraded high pressure fuel pump. This only tends to apply to EA113 engines found in Mk5 and 6 cars and allows far more boost pressure in the midrange as the upgraded pump allows the fuel volume. Intake is highly recommended as is intercooler to take full advantage.

Stage 3 - typically upgraded turbocharger. On a Mk5/6 GTI, this is usually a K04-064 turbo or some form of hybrid. The stage 2+ hardware requirements apply alongside the obvious turbo itself.

Hardware is key - the better the hardware, the better result. Nobody can tune around poor hardware choices.

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